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 CAT 938H, SN MJC00471, 2009 CAT 826C,, SN 87X01405, 1992 CAT 325CL, SN BMM00639, 2006 CAT 325CL, SN BMM00639, 2006 CAT 836F, SN 7FR00290, 1997  CAT 963, SN 21Z00484, 1986  CAT 938H, SN MJC00471, 2009 CAT D8R, SN 7XM1664, 1997

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To buy, to rent, for repairs or for overseas shipping. Here is where you will find everything you are looking for.

Achat, vente, location et réparation de machinerie lourde usagée.

For many years our company has been mainly specialized in buying, selling and renting used heavy machinery. Ours company as a vast inventory for you to discover.

We also have onsite experienced mechanics who can answer all you question or make the repairs on your Heavy equipment.

We are also specialized in preparing and shipping by container overseas your heavy equipment.

Make sure to visit everything our new website offers as to discover all or our services and Inventory available.