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CAT 325CL, SN BMM00639, 2006  VOLVO A 35D, SN 72380,2006 CAT 312 CL, SN CBA03097, 2006 CAT 769D, SN 5SS00286, 2000 CAT D6N LGP, SN DJY00387, 2007 CAT D6 & D7 CAT 769D, SN 5SS00286, 2000 CAT 769D, SN 5SS00286, 2000

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Equipment Forcier LTÉE owned by Daniel Forcier and Claude Forcier, has been serving the need of heavy construction equipment buyers and sellers for more than 45 years.

Through these years our company has been able to develop ties of confidence with our customers base witch is always growing. We are also continuosly adapting to are their always growing needs in purchasing, selling, rentales, repairs and landscaping. Supported by our talented and specialized employees, our knowledge is none throughout north and south america, africa and other continents.

As administrators of our company, we are anxious to give a hight- quality service because our main wish isto satisfy every need of our customers .


Daniel Forcier
Claude Forcier